Antonio Di Maggio

Headshot of Antonio, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

When Antonio is not busy in the kitchen preparing a nice meal for his friends, he loves to explore the scenic Mediterranean coast. With a background in physics, he is passionate about complex systems and design software architecture.

Ariel Cedola

Close-up photo of Ariel, a tiko employee, smiling at the camera

A researcher by nature, Ariel transforms complex data into crystal-clear models. When he’s not drinking mate, a typical natural drink popular in his home country of Argentina, he spends his time with his family, traveling, listening to music, or enjoying a good soccer game.

Dragos Ionita

Close-up photo of Dragos, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

As a Haskell enthusiast, Dragos is in the right place on the backend team. Before coming to tiko, he lived in Romania, and now he enjoys discovering the beautiful Italian cities and their surroundings.

Francesco Burchielli

Headshot of Francesco, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

Francesco is passionate about history and politics and enjoys visiting Italy’s beautiful medieval towns. He loves all products from his homeland Tuscany, especially premium olive oil. As part of the Full Stack team, he is excited to work towards the common goal of fighting climate change.

Francisco Ferreira

Close-up photo of Francisco, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Having grown up in Brazil, Francisco loves to spend time close to the sea, doing sports, and travelling. Now he lives in Italy and enjoys the Italian lifestyle, visiting museums and exploring European cities. As DevOps Technical Lead, he helps to organize and bring structure to our systems so that everything is in the right […]

Giovanni Spoleti

Close-up photo of Giovanni, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Giovanni is always in a good mood with a smile on his face. As an Italian, he loves drinking a good glass of wine with his homemade pasta and is the go-to person for recommendations about places to drink and eat in Milan. With a strong background in the automotive industry, he is our e-mobility […]

Lorenzo Consolaro

Close-up photo of Lorenzo, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

When Lorenzo is not making our network more stable by investigating its inner layer, he entertains us by happily teaching us fun Italian sentences. In his spare time, he enjoys going to concerts and programming.

Marco Turchetto

Close-up photo of Marco, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Formerly a scout leader, Marco enjoys spending time in nature. He is a very curious person who wants to know how things operate and see the details that affect them. As part of the backend team he is passionate about programming and, like his teammates, a Haskell enthusiast.

Matheus Berger Quemelli

Matheus arrived in Italy in 2019, bringing with him his methodical approach to work into his personal life. With strong opinions on various topics, he enjoys engaging in discussions about politics, science, and more. He humorously calls himself a “fake Brazilian” for not being into samba, football, or carnival, but he misses Brazilian food, especially […]

Ruggero De Vita

Close-up photo of Ruggero, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Ruggero loves his four dogs and is a passionate board game player who meets with his friends for weekly game nights. As a former astrophysicist and current data scientist, he likes to apply analytical models in the real world.

Stefano Cascavilla 

Stefano’s love for motorcycles began at 14, a passion encouraged by his father. Choosing between his Moto Morini 650 and Ducati Monster 600, he explores mountain passes and lakeside roads with friends every weekend. He dreams of reaching the North Cape by car from his home in Erba, nestled in the Lombardy Pre-Alps. Shy yet funny, […]


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