Aurore Flach 

Raised in Mauritius, Aurore moved to France at 18 to study. Passionate about horses, she owns two and enjoy riding as often as possible. Embracing her Mauritian roots and love for the people, she chose to make Customer Experience her career with the ultimate goal of being recognized by Best Customer Care award. An accomplished […]

Aziz Bedioui

Aziz was born and raised in Tunisia until he moved to Paris for university. A big fan of the TV show “OZ” and rock music from the 60s, he is naturally nicknamed “OZ” or “AzizOz” by is friends. He also loves Topo Gigio, as evidenced by a tattoo on his arm. A passionate basketball player, […]

Eric Bodin

Close-up photo of Eric, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Eric’s job is to ensure the proper deployment of our solution in France, where tiko is present. He happily shares his expertise with local installers and partners alike. In his spare time Eric discovers the world through his long travels and photographs the beautiful nature around us.

Guillaume Cottin

Close-up photo of Guillaume, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

French-born Guillaume is our creative and meticulous finance person for tiko in France. When he’s not in Paris, he spend time with his wife and children, especially near the sea where he can surf and sail. As part of tiko, he is committed to the energy transition and working for a good cause.

Jean-Baptiste Pace

Born in Bordeaux, Jean-Baptiste’s love for football knows no limits, particularly for the Paris Saint-Germain games. Yet, his heart also beats for Paris’ historical charm and architectural wonders. He delights in cooking, especially his famed “rougaille saucisse” and indulging in cheese. A passion shared with his family: they enjoy a tartiflette every year in August! […]

Léonard Chevalier

Profil Picture Leonard, smiling into the camera

When he is not working on our Virtual Power Plant solutions, Léonard can often be found tackling his opponents on the rugby field or sailing with friends and family along the beautiful coastlines of Marseille. Always in a good mood, our French colleague puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Luc de Rochefort

Born and bred in Brittany, Luc cherishes family holidays in the region. A black belt in karate and judo, he finds parallels between martial arts and his sales career, emphasizing discipline and adaptability. Described as perseverant and dynamic, Luc values coherence in all endeavors. With a penchant for Celtic culture and music, he frequents festivals […]

Maria Illarionova

Originally from Riga (Latvia), Maria moved to Picardie in France at 11. After studying Sciences in Île-de-France, she spent a decade working on nuclear-plant building projects at EDF. Apart from her love for sciences, she’s passionate about the arts, enjoying theatre and creating her own drawings and paintings. She also relishes movies, good wine, and […]

Marie Plancke

Marie, originally from northern France, spent a year studying in Argentina. She’s drawn to companies working with local authorities that align with her vision of a sustainable society. Her favorite destination is Madeira, where nature captivates her soul. Marie’s passion for jogging began in school. She has tackled semi-marathons and aspires to complete a full […]

Mathilde Legrand

Close-up photo of Mathilde, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

From her native Champagne region to her beloved Brooklyn, where she lived for 8 years, Mathilde is happiest when discovering new places. Among many other hobbies, Mathilde particularly likes deep diving on shipwrecks, gastronomy, architecture, and documentaries about anything and everything. If she wasn’t a marketing manager at tiko Paris, she would have been a […]

Nolwenn de Saint-Aubin

Born in Paris, Nolwenn moved to Slovakia at age 1, where she mastered Slovakian, English, and French. She also lived in Belgium and in the UK for a while. Now back in Paris, Nolwenn is an adventure-seeking foodie on a mission to conquer every restaurant, with brunch as her favorite meal. Dynamic and adventurous, she […]

Philippe Vandendael

Close-up photo of Philippe, a tiko employee, smiling at the camera

Philippe ensures the deployment of tiko’s solution in France. Originally from Belgium, he loves to make and of course eat excellent waffles. Having a small obsession to make the sound of his HI-FI equipment better, he spends a lot of time searching for the right secondhand material which is almost like a treasure hunt for […]

Romain Benquey 

Romain’s parents’ military career had him travelling from France to the USA and Belgium before settling near Angers. He bought a farm a few years ago, where he aims for self-sufficiency, cultivating crops, tending chickens, and even crafting clothes from sheep’s wool. Amidst his agricultural pursuits, Romain indulges in board games and aspires to complete […]

Romain Couailhac

Close-up photo of Romain, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Romain is a passionate adventurer and nature lover. He loves to sail, ride motorcycles, and fly planes. He has even held a pilot’s license for over 20 years. At tiko, he pilots all of the projects we have in France and brings positivity and high spirits wherever he goes.

Rouba Faddoul

Close-up photo of Rouba, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Rouba has a passion for climbing and bouldering, both indoors and at the stunning Fontainebleau climbing area in France. She also loves to bake and make dessert – which is more than welcome at tiko. As Client Project Manager she works at the intersection between the different teams at tiko and our clients in France, […]

Sandra Kossouoh

Close-up photo of Sandra, a tiko employee, smiling at the camera

Organized, curious and observant, Sandra is in her element as a Client Project Manager. Full of energy, you’ll find her attending art exhibitions or anywhere there is music.

Sébastien D’Indy

Close-up photo of Sebastien, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Sébastien could have had many lives. In parallel worlds, he could have become an artist, a game master, a historian, a soccer player, or an explorer…. But in this world, he decided to become a marketing expert where he now helps create a positive impact with tiko.

Stanislas Debit

Stanislas’ passion for golf began at the tender age of 4 and led him to play on a regional team. He later discovered his love – and talent – for singing, and joined a Parisian choir specializing in gospel and R&B, which got him participating to the Eurovision contest in 2008. At tiko, he’s always […]

Sylvain Peronnau

Close-up photo of Sylvain, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

When Sylvain is not in Paris, he likes to return to his roots and one of his favorite places, Cap-Ferret, to drink wine and eat oysters. As our Head of Sales, he is committed accelerating the energy transition by bringing tiko’s technology to as many homes as possible.

Virginie Boisseleau

Headshot of Virginie, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

Virginie has been in the supply chain game for 20 years, making her a specialist in her field. When she’s not busy driving the energy revolution with tiko, she loves traveling to her favorite destinations in Corsica and Italy, hiking in nature, and spending quality time with her loved ones and two adorable cats.


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