Aby Chacko

Headshot of Aby, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

Aby is our specialist for ancillary services and is responsible for the prequalification of our technology by TSOs. In his free time he enjoys reading historical fiction.

Alexandre Masson

Close-up photo of Alexander, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Alex loves constantly being on the move. At tiko, he is always in exchange with his colleagues and appreciates the fact that every day is different. He never says no to adventures or new challenges, following the principle, “the steeper the mountain, the better.”

Alejandro Grande Perez

Close-up photo of Alejandro, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Alejandro is always excited about learning new things and having new experiences. He spends most of his vacations in the Canary Islands because he loves the sun, the beach and the lifestyle. As a native Spaniard, he is of course also a big soccer fan. At tiko, Alejandro uses his expertise in Continuous Improvement for […]

Alexandru Bese

Close-up photo of Alexandru, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Alexandru is passionate about photography, mostly taking pictures of nature. Being a fresh dad, he spends a lot of time reading about parenting. As part of the Full Stack team, he enjoys creating meaningful experiences for our users.

Anand Sisupalan

Close-up photo of Anand, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Anand grew up in India but has lived in several different countries in Europe. He has finally settled in Switzerland, the perfect place for him to explore the mountains by foot and on his bike. As a Product Operations Engineer at tiko, he is passionate about improving our systems to make them even better for […]

Andris Laksa

Close-up photo of Andris, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Andris likes to explore the Swiss mountains by hiking on the weekends, and he enjoys spending time programming and reverse engineering. At tiko, he always dresses in nice shirts, enjoying his freedom and responsibilities as a DevOps Engineer.

Ashutosh Pani

Close-up photo of Ashutosh, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Ashutosh is passionate about football, following all of the major leagues and playing himself in his spare time. He grew up in India, but he moved to Switzerland, where he completed his Master’s degree in Energy Science and Technology. At tiko he is applying everything he learned by handling the HEMS operations and modelling tiko’s […]

Berta Mellado Gracia

Close-up photo of Berta, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Berta loves to travel and discover the underwater world while diving. Besides travelling, her passions are art, fashion, and sports. A bit clumsy and often dropping things on the floor, when it comes to numbers she is always precise and accurate and enriches our finance team with her meticulous handling of numbers.

Carla Montorfani

Close-up photo of Carla, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

An expert on Disney songs, Carla can be heard singing when you pass by her office. As our specialist in HR operations, she knows the Swiss labor law by heart and makes sure that everything works properly like a Swiss clock. Always smiling, Carla likes to spend her time at the lake, walking in nature, […]

Colin Howlett

Close-up photo of Colin, a tiko CTO, smiling warmly at the camera

Originally trained in architecture, Colin is always motivated to build new things. As our CTO, he especially loves to build systems that accelerate the energy transition. Outside of work, Colin enjoys photography, the opera, traveling, and hiking.

Dimitrios Tomaras

Originally from Athens, Dimitrios fell in love with Zürich during a visit for a concert four years ago, captivated by its impeccable organization. Still a sports enthusiast with an unbroken bone record, he developed new passions of 3D printing and enjoys crafting practical tools at home. Music-wise, he’s more concerned with meaningful lyrics than genres. […]

Endrit Konjuhi

Headshot of Endrit, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

Endrit enjoys the challenge of finding innovative solutions that require creative thinking. Outside of work, he likes playing soccer and chess, as well as enjoying a cup of coffee in the company of good friends.

Enrique Munoz

Close-up photo of Enrique, a tiko CFO, smiling warmly at the camera

Part of Enrique’s job is to understand the past and predict the future… To make it more mysterious, he expresses his forecasts only in numbers. In his free time, Enrique plays football and doesn’t hesitate to organize tournaments with our partners – and of course to celebrate with a good glass of wine, as a […]

Federico Vanzati

Close-up photo of Federico, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Part of Federico’s job is to make sure that our technology works seamlessly by investigating and testing it. Before coming to tiko, he helped to found a FabLab in Italy, where he liked to build things, such as a glorious cocktail machine.

Floriane Saint-Jacques

Close-up photo of Floriane, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Our creative genius who makes tiko shine in even more colors. When Floriane is not listening to French rap, she puts a smile on the faces of her co-workers. In her free time, she loves to spend time outdoors with her family and enjoys the mountains or the sea in the south of France.

Frédéric Gastaldo

Close-up photo of Fred, CEO of tiko, smiling warmly at the camera

If Fred is not in the office, he’s probably travelling around Europe (by train, to reduce his CO2 impact) to see our clients, which gives him time to listen to symphonies. Always up to a challenge, his goal is to listen to all symphonies ever composed. He loves to spend his time reading and is […]

Gian Battista Di Palma

Headshot of Gian, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

With Gian Battista’s skills in electronic hardware engineering and his passion for sustainability, he’s excited to be part of a company that’s making a positive impact on the world. And when he’s not busy working on cutting-edge projects, he loves hitting the open road on his motorbike, exploring new hiking trails or teaching his furry […]

Henriette Fankhauser

Close-up photo of Henriette, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

If you have a question – ask Henriette! She is an expert on how tiko works because she has been part of it from the beginning. In her free time she loves hiking with her dog Ella. Sometimes her furry sidekick comes to the office, making everyone’s day brighter.

Jakobos Takvoryan

Headshot of Akis, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

German, Greek, English, French, Italian, and Turkish – choose your language with Akis and he will always answer with a smile. He makes sure that all of tiko’s interfaces and processes are perfect for our customers.

José Luis Colomer Bel

Close-up photo of José, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

José loves to spend time with his friends, and as a native Spaniard, this includes cooking amazingly good paellas. With his passion for plants, he grows seedlings at home in order to turn it into a green jungle. At tiko he is a Quality Engineer and enjoys collaborating with different teams to ensure that everything […]

Louis Papin

Close-up photo of Louis, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

It’s all about finding lasting and intelligent solutions. As a graduate of École Polytechnique, Louis brings his experience in theoretical physics, logistics, the supply chain, and finance to his role as Operations Manager. He is passionate about science, history, travel, hiking, and much more.

Lucas Lupifieri

Close-up photo of Lucas, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

When googling Pantanal, you will find a unique nature spectacle in Brazil, where Lucas spent his childhood. Now he lives in Zurich, surrounded by another beautiful landscape. With his detail and quality-oriented thinking, he ensures that our customers receive high-quality devices.

Marc Jakobi

Close-up photo of Marc, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Marc loves running in the forest and going for long walks, often accompanied by his two cats. He feels at ease being able to combine his interests in Haskell and renewables at tiko. He likes to eat a lot, which is also why he is known for always having two lunches instead of one.

Marcelo Conceição

Close-up photo of Marcelo, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

While he is working passionately on our web and app solutions, you can hear Marcelo humming beautiful (according to him) songs inspired from things he hears in the office.

Margarita Cherepanova

Close-up photo of Margarita, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Singing, dancing, playing… for Margarita it’s all about the music. Our French-Russian artist also knows to conduct our teams so they play the perfect tune to ensure the delivery of her projects.

Maria Giulia Ratti

Close-up photo of Maria Giulia, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Maria Giulia joined tiko after working at CERN. She uses her expertise to help the Data Science Team have a tangible impact on our planet. In her free time, she likes to read or spend time outdoors.

Marisa Silva

Close-up photo of Marisa, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Marisa is passionate about her job and takes pride in seeing each new employee thrive in their new role. A very enthusiastic reader, one of her dreams is to have a home library straight out of the Beauty and the Beast, where she could spend hours devouring books – but never with ice cream. She […]

Martin-Joseph Mukuna Tumba

Close-up photo of Joe, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

If Joe is not busy supporting our customers, you can find him singing and dancing around the office. Outside of work, he plays a lot of sports and loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Martina Nescakova

Martina is our yogi who keeps our production in perfect balance. Born in the heart of Europe – beautiful Slovakia – Martina loves new challenges and adventures. If you ever need someone to help you find your inner peace, just follow the soothing sounds of her Om chants.

Maxime Droubi

Maxime relaxes cooking desserts and appreciates Swiss and French wines. With his loyal dog Jingle, he hunts for truffles and mushrooms in the swiss forests. An avid gardener, he cultivates vegetables in his garden. Maxime’s passion for engineering began early, leading him to study coding at 13. He enjoys building products and aims to make […]

Michel Goetschi

Close-up photo of Michel, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

As a huge IoT fan, Michel’s house is completely set up with smart home gadgets. In his free time, he likes to explore Switzerland on his motorcycle.

Mohamed Hassan

Close-up photo of Mohamed, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Mohamed has become a passionate Odoo expert after working with it for many years. At tiko, he enjoys using these skills and knowledge to contribute to the energy transition. When he is not thinking about Odoo, he enjoys traveling and spending time near the Nile or the sea.

Monica Peral 

Monica was born in Spain and lived in Greece before moving to Switzerland. A real city-person she takes any opportunity to go camping with her family to slow down and reconnect with nature. Her practice of yoga, which she began in her twenties, has greatly enhanced her sense of self. At tiko she is a […]

Myriam Bruet

Close-up photo of Myriam, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Myriam is our marketing and HR mastermind – only the sky is the limit when it comes to her creativity. Always in a good mood, her laugh resonates all around the office and puts a smile on her colleagues’ faces. In her free time, you’ll find Myriam doing yoga, dancing or enjoying the company of […]

Noah Halford

Close-up photo of Noah, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Noah is excited about physics, programming in Haskell, and 3D printing. What he is not excited about is wearing shoes in the office – which everyone else has grown to accept.

Philip Frei

Close-up photo of Philip, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Philip is always out on the road, helping our clients roll out our solutions. When he’s in the office, you’ll see him drinking coffee out of champagne flutes. In his free time Philip enjoys downhill biking through the French Alps.

Piotr Gayczak

Piotr is always eager for new adventures and challenges. Since age 7, he’s been passionate about computer games, triggered by his sister who won a computer in an art contest. Starting with SIMS, he now enjoys playing Witcher. His interest in gaming led him to optimize computer performance and delve into analytics and big data. Now […]

Prune Hardy

Close-up photo of Prune, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Prune loves learning new things, whether it’s traveling and discovering new countries or working as a product manager at tiko. Originally from Belgium, she moved to Zurich to be closer to the mountains so she can go skiing as often as possible. On a quiet day, she enjoys going on a vinyl hunt in flea […]

Roberto Cersosimo

Close-up photo of Roberto, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

As one of our VPP specialists, Roberto makes sure our VPP works seamlessly. He loves good weather and sunshine and is happiest when he is by the sea or in the city enjoying a drink – or two.

Sandra Trittin

Close-up photo of Sandra, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

As one of our co-founders, Sandra is always full of energy. She also teaches pilates, loves surfing and enjoys skiing in the mountains.

Sébastien Demarne

Headshot of Sebstien, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

Sébastien is like a real-life MacGyver, except he doesn’t need a Swiss Army knife – he can design anything with his mechanical engineering expertise. Sébastien’s love for adventure knows no bounds, and he’ll take on any challenge, whether it’s tackling a treacherous trail on his bike or fixing a broken gadget with nothing but duct […]

Sophie De Luigi

Close-up photo of Sophie, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Sophie is very active and likes to go hiking and do sports, which might mean running to the kitchen as soon as one of our co-workers brings a cake. As part of the HR team, she enjoys interacting with many people in the company, contributing to tiko’s mission, and bringing a positive vibe to the […]

Stefan Dörig

Close-up photo of Stefan, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Stefan is our in-house specialist on regulation. Liaising with regulatory and political bodies in Switzerland and the EU, he travels extensively to represent tiko’s position and share his insights. Passionate about windsurfing, he spends most of his free time on the water, following the motto “The higher the waves, the better!”

Sylvain Gadola

Close-up photo of Sylvain, a tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Sylvain manages tiko’s relationship with the grid and operates our VPP services. In his free time he plays water polo in the Swiss National League and dances Lindy hop. Feel like an iced coffee? Ask Sylvain.

Tim Plaisted

Close-up photo of Tim, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Tim has been part of tiko almost since the beginning. He makes his colleagues happy by bringing back treats from Australia and giving them lessons on how to properly do a Tim Tam Slam.

Tobias Rauber

Close-up photo of Tobias, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Tobias is our Quality Assurance specialist and also responsible for Operations and Cyber Security.In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, doing sports and playing drums. But what interests him most is the subject of mind power, where he is also active as a coach.

Tom Kienle

Close-up photo of Tom, a tiko employee, smiling at the camera

Tom leads myStrom, tiko’s little sister specialised in smart accessories, to international success. In his spare time, Tom enjoys the pleasures of life: skiing, animated discussions with friends, and having a nice dinner with a good glass of wine.

Valentina Prighel

Headshot of Virgine, employee of tiko smiling into the camera

Valentina, one of our DevOps Engineers, has a secret life as a cat whisperer and spends her free time adventuring through the depths of the ocean or hiking in the Swiss Alps. But even with all this excitement, she still enjoys the simple pleasures of a cozy Sunday, with a cup of tea, a good […]

Vaylen Moothia

Close-up photo of Vaylen, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Before moving to Switzerland, Vaylen lived in Mauritius, the UK, and Australia. In his spare time, Vaylen cycles around all the amazing lakes of Switzerland to counteract his raclette and fondue consumption. He happily supports our mission to accelerate the energy transition by being in charge of our IT operations.


Close-up photo of Ella, tiko employee, smiling warmly at the camera

Ella’s job is to make everyone in the office happy. She has daily office routines, one of which is her morning cuddling tour where she goes from office to office visiting her fans and receiving cuddles. As a commuting dog, she knows exactly where to sit in the train and, believe us, she is surprised […]


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